The main ministry that happens at Emmanuel are the worship services. That may not be something people usually think of as a 'ministry', but it's the ministry behind every other thing we call 'ministry'.

Because 'service' is definitely what worship is all about. Yet, even though at worship we gather and sing songs, give our offerings, pray to Him, and praise Him, worship is not so much about us serving God. It's about God serving us.

What the worship service is all about is God ministering to us. It's God serving us, doing an act of divine service to us, by coming among us and speaking His Word of judgment and mercy. It's where God brings us into His family by washing us with Christ's own death and life in the waters of baptism. It's where Jesus Christ joins His faithful to Himself by feeding us with His own body and blood and righteousness and forgiveness in the Lord's Supper. Worship, the divine service, is where the Holy Spirit gives us the Father's grace, peace, and mercy, and so brings us closer together by strengthening our faith, hope, and love.

Worship is nothing less than the time and place where the Triune God visits us, remakes us, and sends us back out into His world. And so, as He comes to us, we praise His name, thank Him, sing to Him, and pray to Him as we receive the countless blessings He gives us as we gather in His name and around His gifts.

We gather together for worship every Sunday at 10:00am and on Wednesdays during Advent and Lent.