Sermons from 2017

Here you will find sermons preached during 2017.

2nd to Last Sunday Matthew 25.docx
3rd to Last Matthew 25.docx
All Saints 1 John 3.docx
Pentecost 18 AC 17.docx
Pentecost 14 AC 11.docx
Pentecost 9 AC 5.docx
Pentecost 3 Matthew 10.docx
Reformation Day 1 Cor 1.docx
Pentecost 17 AC 16.docx
Pentecost 13 AC 10.docx
Pentecost 8 AC 4.docx
Pentecost 2 Matthew 9.docx
Pentecost 20 AC 20.docx
Pentecost 16 AC 14.docx
Pentecost 12 AC 8.docx
Pentecost 7 AC 3.docx
Holy Trinity.docx
Pentecost 19 AC 18.docx
Pentecost 15 AC 12.docx
Pentecost 11 AC 7-8.docx
Pentecost 6 AC 2.docx
Pentecost John 7.docx
Easter 7 Acts 1.docx
Easter 4 Acts 2.docx
Ascension Acts 1.docx
Easter 3 Acts 2.docx
Easter 6 Acts 17.docx
Easter 2 Acts 5.docx
Easter 5 Acts 6.docx
Easter Matthew 28.docx
Palm Sunday Matthew 27.docx
Lent 2 Genesis 12.docx
Lent 5 Ezekiel 37.docx
Lent 1 Genesis 3.docx
Lent 4 John 9.docx
Ash Wednesday Luke 22.docx
Lent 3 John 4.docx
Epiphany 7 Matthew 6.docx
Epiphany 3 1 Corinthians 1.docx
Epiphany 6 Matthew 5.docx
Epiphany 2 John 1.docx
Epiphany 5 Matthew 5.docx
Epiphany Matthew 2.docx
Epiphany 4 Matthew 5.docx
Circumcision Luke 2.docx
Christmas Luke 2.docx
Christmas Eve Luke 2.docx
Advent 4 Matthew 1.docx
Advent 3 Matthew 11.docx
Advent 2 Matthew 3.docx
Advent 1 Romans 13.doc